Elvis XmasChristmas just wouldn’t be the same without Elvis and Charlie Brown. And I don’t mean the ancient TV specials. The dynamic duo of Elvis and Charlie are a fixture in our neighborhood. I’ve seen my share of gaudy and outrageous Christmas displays in my life. Topping that list is The Lights of Life at my old alma mater, Life University in Marietta, Georgia. The school’s maintenance crew begins putting up lights in August. Kid you not. Millions of bulbs illuminate a multitude of moving snowmen, sleighs and stars. It may be bright enough to be seen from space. This spectacle runs from Thanksgiving to New Year’s every year. If you’re in the Atlanta area during the holiday season, go see it. Just make sure you go to the bathroom before you head over. You’re going to be in bumper to bumper traffic for a long, long time. Still, it’s worth it. It’s one of the things that the kid in you will never forget.

What could be better than that?

Elvis on a chimney and Charlie Brown with a football in the front yard. Walking distance from my home is a house that has both. Their display doesn’t attract miles of cars. It doesn’t make the news. It should.

Charlie Brown XmasI’m not a huge fan of The King, but there’s something about a schmaltzy Elvis-as-Santa smiling down from the chimney top that puts a grin on my face. And who doesn’t love Charlie Brown and Snoopy’s doghouse? Look, Santa (maybe Elvis) brought Charlie a brand new football. And the kid looks happy for a change! Talk about a Christmas miracle. But wait. Where’s his trusty beagle? Snoopy’s not on the roof of his doghouse. He’s gone AWOL. From the looks of it, Charlie’s not too concerned. I guess we shouldn’t be either. Maybe Snoopy’s busy marking evergreens.

I hope the homeowner never trades Elvis and Charlie for a boxed light set from Walmart. That would be a tragedy.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t mind if Snoopy made an appearance next year!

Any unusual Christmas decorations in your area? Send a pic or leave a comment.

Ho, Ho, Ho!



What’s Christmas Without Elvis and Charlie Brown?
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